Movin’ on Up…!

Well now, it’s been a while, hasn’t it!  For the past year I’ve been the technical lead on a large Exchange 2007 > Exchange 2013 on-premises email migration for Canada’s biggest Telco. From pre-sales to Pilot to Production implementation, I was the lead architect which was a fun project not to mention exhausting.  The sheer numbers involved are quite alarming and Exchange 2007 brought it’s own complexities when moving to a much newer architecture. We got there in the end and I am happy to report that I reached a maximum customer enforced migration limit of 1000 employee mailboxes per night.  I migrated 34,000 mailboxes in 10 weeks or thereabouts, not bad! I could have done more but the support overhead would have been a problem for the customer helpdesk.  I’ll write about it in a different and detailed blog post, where I can do justice to the planning and execution involved to achieve this success.  The real customer milestone was all “human” mailboxes migrated by the Exchange 2007 Support Deadline of April 15th 2017.  The remainder is shared mailboxes and all the other “stuff” that you amass during a ten year implementation of any mission critical application.


(see i wasn’t making it up) #ExchangeYoda

Now to the real point of this blog post.  For the first time in 15 years, I’ve moved out of the traditional “Microsoft Eco-System” that has been the mainstay of my career.  To recap, I worked my way up as a Windows Server guy, finally working as a Consultant in different parts of the world.  As of Monday, I now work for Big Blue. It’s an interesting move for me, a real challenge as I could easily have stayed with my previous employer (who didn’t want me to go) which was just voted Canada’s largest  (#1) Azure Partner in North America.  I was already transitioning into a much wider business focused role as a Solution Architect and could have eeked out a new career path, though it would have taken some time.  I loved my time with those guys but it was time to move on.  My new role at  is that of Cloud and Cognitive Technical Leader, which in real world terminology means I will be responsible for the Cloud strategy new and projected, within my region in Canada.  I will work closely with the Sales teams to assist customers in their Hybrid IT adoption strategies.  So, not much different from working as a P-Seller for Microsoft, but this role is dedicated pre-Sales and I must admit I really love talking to customers about why they should adopt the cloud and that whole business discussion.  I spent many years as a delivery engineer and architect but it was time to expand on my skills and accept the challenge.  Taking risks got me to where I am now, so why change the habit of a lifetime 😊.

More to follow, but here’s to risk and reward!


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