Microsoft posts Q1 2016 SLA performance for Office 365. Unsurprisingly, it was good.

Great article by Tony Redmond digging into the stats for O365 Q1 SLA

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Microsoft recently posted the Q1 2016 performance against SLA for Office 365 and reported a 99.98% outcome, which is the same number that they posted for the two previous quarters. Overall, things have been pretty consistent in terms of Office 365 service recently.

That’s not to say that Office 365 has not been without its problems. Looking at the Service Health Dashboard (SHD) for any tenant is likely to turn up some issues for any given period. It’s the nature of a very complex infrastructure that is in a state of perpetual software and hardware updates that some glitches will occur.

However, the sheer size of Office 365 and the number of tenants and users it now supports means that any single support incident or outage is unlikely to dent performance against SLA. At their Q3 FY16 analyst briefing, Microsoft said that Office 365 has 70 million active users, so…

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