Ignite 2015 Session: Mail Flow and Transport Deep Dive

Watch:  Mail Flow and Transport Deep Dive

Thought i’d repost this awesome session from Ignite 2015 because i regularly come up against customers with misconfigured transport routing, particularly where there are multiple geographical sites and data centers.  Much of these misconfigurations only come to light when you know who tries to configure Hybrid Exchange connectivity from on-premise to Exchange Online!

“…Regardless of how you run your email, whether it’s on-premises Exchange, Office 365, or a hybrid solution you need to understand the mail flow process. You may have a requirement to route mail through 3rd party services or have partners with which you absolutely want secure mail delivery. This session walks you through these scenarios, explaining in detail, how mail flow works in Exchange Server and in Exchange Online. The goal of this session is to provide you with the information you need to enable mail flow that best suits your organization’s needs. The session will dig deep into transport services, how delivery group mail routing works, and how to ensure your data is protected in transit with the Exchange Server and Exchange Online…”

Watch the video:

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