New Year, New Blog!



I’ve been publishing a website and blog elsewhere for three years, but due to limitations and (severe) frustrations with that service i decided enough was enough.  It’s a new year and i figured it was a good excuse to start afresh with a WordPress blog and forget about the old site.  We shall see how that works out!  Writing this first post i’m already happy as it’s so much easier to use.

My plan for this blog is not to publish a post every week, rather i’ll be sharing experiences of projects i’m currently working on, as they happen and as i get the time.  As a Microsoft solution architect for a large Canadian Microsoft partner, i’m usually pretty busy.  But i’m also a new father and recently married so having to re-learn time management :).  I also have a wide range of interests outside of IT such as aviation (aspiring pilot), so maybe i’ll throw those in from time to time.

Mostly i’m designing and implementing Enterprise solutions involving Azure, Office 365, Exchange Online, InTune/EMS and Identity Management solutions.  I  specialize in platform migrations so do alot of Exchange Hybrid right now as people adopt a cloud-focused strategy for their corporate IT infrastructure.  I picked a field of operations that gives you plenty of grey hair!

It’s an exciting time to be working in my field, from both a technical and business strategy standpoint.

Always welcome any suggestions, comments and feedback! Connect with me via social media and please follow me @ExchangingTech on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog.



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